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Accounting for Good

Welcome to Accounting For Good

We’re highly skilled specialists in the not for profit sector, and we’ve built an accountancy business with unmatched technical knowledge and expertise.

We have an experienced in-house team, with a great depth of accounting skills and breadth of management experience.

We partner with you to provide a seamless accounting service and to resolve complicated financial management issues. And we do it with a smile.

Accounting for Good

We make it easy...

…by taking away the uncertainty and complexity of new procedures and supporting you with cloud-based technology and innovative processes.

We are experts in the not for profit sector. And crucially, we understand on a very deep level the financial constraints, compliance, regulatory and governance requirements of this sector.

By outsourcing your accounting needs to Accounting For Good, you are free to focus on your mission to make the world a better place.

Accounting for Good

Expert accounting with a social purpose

Things work differently in the not for profit sector. Budgets are tight and regulations are strict. Funding and fundraising are competitive and reporting requirements are stringent.

Associations need to manage their income streams effectively and provide value for their members.

We understand governance and reporting requirements and we ensure your accounting is transparent and legally compliant.

With over 20 years of experience in the not for profit accounting space, we have a solid foundation and a deep understanding of how not for profits – charities and associations – operate.

We are fiercely proud of this core strength.

Accounting for Good

We have the skills you need

Not for profits and associations often struggle to find the resources to run a fully-staffed finance department.

You may be stuck with legacy systems and processes that aren’t up to scratch…

…and adopting new technology may seem like an overwhelming task.

At Accounting For Good we have the accounting skills, systems expertise and financial intelligence to make your business run like clockwork.

Outsourced finance department

An outsourced finance department

We provide a fully outsourced accounting service, as well as short-term and one-off projects – all of which are carried out by our highly trained team of bookkeepers and accountants who specialise in not for profit accounting.

We implement technology and platforms and we provide training and quality financial information and support to empower every person in your organisation.

Our onboarding and training are professional and thorough – we’ll get you up to competency quickly, so you can continue with your mission to make the world a better place.

A proven process

A proven process

The thing our clients love most about our processes is that they deliver technical accounting knowledge and expertise effectively and painlessly, empowering you to get on with running your organisation.

In a detailed discovery session, we gain an understanding of your financial goals and how best we can partner with you to meet them.

Our Account Manager will work closely with you to integrate all systems to create a seamless, efficient service.

We give you the tools and deliver the expert accounting and financial management service you need to effectively and efficiently manage your finances.

We work with you to measure your results and refine our approach. And we support you every step of the way to ensure you are getting the very best outcome and are meeting your financial goals.

A proud history in NFP

A proud history in not for profits

Accounting For Good Founder Morri Young spent many years in the not for profit space, including at Family and Community Services and the Association of Children’s Welfare Agencies.

Morri identified a gap in filling the broad range of finance functions with a limited staff and budget in not for profit organisations.

He saw the need to “Support the infrastructure of not for profits and social enterprises while they focus on their mission.”

Not for profits exist to make the world a better place. People with compassion, perseverance and an ability to connect with people are the backbone of the sector and not for profits simply wouldn’t exist without them.

Morri founded Matrix On Board in 1997, originally providing a breadth of accountancy services and management consultancy. In 2015 the organisation rebranded as Accounting For Good – focusing on delivering accounting services and financial intelligence for not for profits.

We’ve got your back

We’ve got your back

At audit time, the purpose driven, human side of running a social initiative often goes head-to-head with the hard face of compliance.

We’re highly skilled specialists in the not for profit sector. It is our goal to empower the talented and passionate organisations that care about making a difference in the world.

And we are expert technical accountants who understand how the audit process works. We work alongside our clients’ auditors to deliver a timely, frictionless result that meets compliance obligations and provides detailed reporting to funders.

We bring technical skills and solid business acumen to organisations that need to focus on their mission to do good – and we do it with a smile.

Simplicity through technology

Simplicity through technology

We’re not just about the numbers – we keep you informed, help get you clarity around your finances and simplify your processes.

We arm you with the tools to generate accurate, up to date, transparent reporting to satisfy the board and other stakeholders.

We adopt cutting-edge, proven technology to provide you with the very best systems and processes to manage your accounts, removing the tedious and messy hassle of traditional paper processes.

Using Xero and our suite of cloud-based technologies will save you time, avoid inaccuracy and keep your vital data secure.

By taking care of your accounting needs in the most streamlined, forward-thinking way, we empower you to continue doing what you do best.

We’re invested in empowering the talented and passionate individuals who care about making a difference in the world.

We feel privileged to stand by your side on your journey for good.

Find out how our friendly finance and accounting experts can help you today. 

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