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Accounting For Good is an amazing set of professionals who are variously qualified as CA, CPA and Certified Xero practitioners. We are proud of their achievements, of the way they support each other and of their care for the not for profit sector.

Kirsten Forrester - CEO

Kirsten Forrester - CEO

Kirsten Forrester has a professional background that shows a passion and purpose for making the world a better place.

She likes to make things happen and is a tireless champion of financial intelligence in the not for profit sector.

Kirsten has been at AFG since 2009. She’s a numbers person who continues to be passionate about bringing the numbers to life for people who ‘do good’ in the world.

Read more about Kirsten here.

Carol Tran - Account Manager

Carol Tran - Account Manager

Carol is CA qualified – she has worked in Tax and Business Services and was previously a Management Accountant for a global IT lifecycle management business.

As an account manager, Carol is responsible for reviewing financial reports and improving business processes. She also likes to help the client learn something new about themselves.

“I analyse and build a story about a client’s business trends and activity, and collaborate with the AFG team to deliver on client goals and requirements.”

Carol’s strengths come from her commercial background and focus on the profitability and sustainability of the client’s business.

She likes to work with clear processes and systems. She enjoys working with the honest, hard working and open-minded team at AFG.

Watching a not for profit deliver on their goals and do the good in the community is what gets her out of bed in the morning.

“The finance department is crucial in communicating the message of the not for profit. It is great to see the Board, donor, or Government Department ‘get it’ after spending hours working on a budget, commentary or presentation.”

Glenn Murray - Client Manager

Glenn Murray - Account Manager

Glenn is a Chartered Accountant and spent twelve years in a ‘big four’ firm and many years in large commercial roles for multinationals. He also has experience in the Community Housing Sector, so he knows how not for profits tick.

Providing reports and financial information to AFG’s clients so they get clarity around their financial position keeps Glenn busy day to day. If it can happen in accounting, Glenn has seen it – he finds it satisfying to find solutions to tricky problems.

“When I can cut through all the noise and focus on the top two or three things that management and Boards need to focus on, that’s really satisfying,” he says.

Juggling demands and deadlines keep him on his toes, but he stays motivated by giving guidance, simplifying processes and saving clients money. A happy client is the aim of Glenn’s game.

Jane Chen - Account Manager

Jane Chen - Account Manager

Jane is a qualified Chartered Accountant and was a Public Practice Accountant before joining Accounting For Good.

She likes to maintain good client relationships, solve problems and deliver solid accounting expertise.

Jane aims to help management teams she works with gain a better understanding of their financial performance.

“I feel proud when I have gained a client’s trust and have added value to their organisation.”

Jane likes working with such a supportive team and enjoys the flexible work arrangements at AFG.

Paula Chegwidden - Client Manager

Paula Chegwidden - Account Manager

Paula supports AFG’s clients with financial management and intelligence.

Her unique expertise comes from many years working in the community services sector, predominantly in Western Sydney, as a manager and board member. This viewpoint means she knows exactly what her clients need.

Paula loves “working with a diverse range of clients who are doing great things. It’s very rewarding being able to provide support to clients in finance and accounting, as these are the areas that they are often a bit scared of.”

She is proud of the diversity of skills at Accounting For Good that collectively they are able to offer clients; it’s a very supportive group of people.

A good day for Paula is when a client is satisfied with the service or information she has provided – “When the client is happier when they say goodbye than when they rang up!”

Valentyna Kors - Practice Manager

Valentyna Kors - Practice Manager

Valentyna started her career as a Mathematician/Statistician with a degree in Physics.

After a stint in the USA studying Business Administration and Architecture, she moved to Australia and worked in not for profits, including a role as Operations Manager at one of Accounting For Good’s clients.

So she knew the team before she set foot in the door. At AFG, Val manages the team of bookkeepers and accountants. Keeping an eye on capacity and resources is an important part of her role.

She is a stickler for deadlines and manages the schedules for the team to ensure all milestones are met. Val’s strengths are in logistics and administration. She is naturally good with numbers and optimisations. She likes bringing order to chaos with her client’s information.

“I enjoy finding an individual approach for our clients and seeing results when my team achieves their goals. We care deeply about our clients at Accounting For Good and we have good relationships with them. This makes it easier to achieve results.”

Val says that having a like-minded person as a CEO makes her job easy and enjoyable. Her team is an interesting mix of young professionals who she enjoys seeing succeed and grow professionally.

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