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How skills of the Accounting For Good team can help your NFP

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Working in the world of accounting and financial management can be challenging. There are many different skills you need to have in order to be able to complete your day-to-day tasks – whether as a bookkeeper, a professional accountant or a CFO.

And if you actually want to be successful, you must be able to master these skills and deftly apply them with relevance to the industry you work in.

Here at Accounting For Good, we have exceptionally skilled team members who know the nuances of the not for profit sector like no other. We have worked with hundreds of NFP organisations to help them streamline their accounting systems and implement processes that support positive results. Today we take a look at the various skills of the AFG team.

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Specialised experience

Qualifications are one thing… it goes without saying that to be an accountant or to hold a position in an accounting firm, you need to have the right qualifications for your role. But it is also vital that you gain experience within your unique area of expertise.

Our team members are specialists within the NFP sector. They understand the complexities of non profit accounting and have unrivalled technical capability and practical experience.

Together we have an intimate knowledge of the financial constraints, compliance, regulatory and governance requirements faced by NFPs… and we are dedicated to supporting our clients as they work towards achieving their organisational mission.

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Problem solving

Of course, much of what we deal with is numbers… so it’s essential that we are good problem solvers. We have to be able to identify errors before they become major issues and we also have to find the most appropriate and efficient solutions.

We know that every client is different and faces their own unique obstacles, but we have the ability to combine our learned knowledge from across the NFP sector to quickly achieve a positive result. Our team is almost like a brains trust… we will always be able to find the right fix for a client’s dilemma.

“We are more than just the numbers. We’re the professional team with a social purpose, and we want to help our clients to continue making the world a better place.” ~ Yao Wu, Assistant Accountant

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Interpersonal relationships

The not for profit world is filled with wonderful people who want to make our society a better place, so relationships are central to everyone’s success.

And we pride ourselves on our ability to build strong, supportive, professional relationships with our clients. For many, we are an extension of their own team… their account managers are valuable members of their organisation who they often speak with on a daily basis. We couldn’t deliver such exemplary service without these crucial interpersonal connections.

“We support really interesting clients who are doing good things out in the world. We help them to achieve their mission… it’s great to work alongside a highly skilled and diverse group of people who are all excited about making a difference.” ~ Kathy Tung, Account Manager

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Good communication

Communication skills go hand in hand with building our relationships… because, let’s face it… numbers can be a yawn sometimes. We need to be able to explain financial concepts using very relatable analogies. We have to make the data approachable when people find it intimidating.

This is not an easy task… but it is one that we relish. Diving deep into the information helps us provide our clients with invaluable insight.

“Often a client asks us their question, and we could just answer that one thing… but we are more helpful when we think broadly about everything they need to know on the matter and provide that information to them.” ~ Kirsten Forrester, CEO

Our flexible approach

We have a flexible approach to working with our clients… we know that there are some days when you will need additional support, and we are here when you need us.

Our ability to provide high level CFO services through to basic bookkeeping shows our expansive range of capabilities. You can be confident that we will deliver outstanding accounting services and improve your NFP’s financial intelligence. To find out more about how we can help you, please contact us today.

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