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Managing costs is a critical aspect of running any organisation, and for Not-For-Profit (NFP) entities, the stakes are exceptionally high. With limited budgets, strict donor requirements, and the constant pressure to demonstrate financial stewardship, NFPs must navigate complex financial and regulatory frameworks to stay financially healthy while fulfilling their mission. As a specialist accounting firm serving the Not-For-Profit sector, we understand the unique challenges and offer insights into effective cost management strategies.

To manage costs effectively, NFPs must first understand their cost structures. This involves identifying fixed and variable costs, determining which expenses are directly related to programs and which are administrative, and recognising seasonal or cyclical trends in expenses.

The tip here is to create a detailed budget that separates program-related costs from administrative and fundraising expenses. This will allow for a clearer view of where funds are allocated and provide a framework for cost control.

Sound financial controls

Sound financial controls are a necessity rather than a luxury. Financial controls help prevent fraud, ensure compliance with regulations, and provide transparency to stakeholders. A lack of proper controls can lead to financial mismanagement and damage the organisation’s reputation.

Establishing internal controls such as segregation of duties, regular audits, and thorough documentation of financial transactions helps your organisation ensure compliance and builds donor confidence in its financial management. Technology plays an important role. By automating routine tasks and streamlining processes, NFPs can reduce administrative costs and improve overall efficiency. Tools like cloud-based accounting software (XERO), donor management systems, and online collaboration platforms can make a substantial difference.

It is essential to invest in technology that aligns with your organisation’s needs and budget. Prioritise scalability solutions, as this will allow your NFP to grow without incurring unexpected costs.

Collaborate, partner & review

Collaboration with other NFPs and partnerships with for-profit businesses can lead to cost-sharing opportunities and increased resource availability. By pooling resources, NFPs can reduce program delivery and fundraising costs. Joint programs, shared facilities, or corporate purchasing arrangements are all viable options for NFPs and may lead to advanced opportunities.

Schedule regular financial reviews with your accounting team, managers and board of directors. Use these sessions to discuss cost management strategies, identify areas for improvement, and adjust budgets as needed. By regularly reviewing financial statements, tracking key performance indicators (KPIs), and comparing actual results against budgeted figures, NFPs can identify cost overruns early and take corrective action.

Build a cost-aware culture

Creating a culture of cost awareness throughout the organisation can lead to better cost management. When everyone understands the importance of financial stewardship and is committed to cost-effective practices, the entire organisation benefits.

Encourage cost-conscious behaviour by involving staff in budgeting processes, recognising cost-saving ideas, and providing financial literacy training.

Cost management is an ever-changing process for organisations in the Not-For-Profit sector. It requires a steady hand and an appropriate level of financial acumen. There are always competing agendas, and a need vs. want philosophy is an excellent place to start when managing the costs of successfully fulfilling the organisation’s mission with an allotted budget.
As a specialist not-for-profit accounting firm, we’re here to support you with tailored financial advice and services, including cost management strategies and plans. If you’d like to learn more about how we can help your organisation’s costing structures and how to manage outgoing expenses, please
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We offer a range of additional services that complement our accounting specialisation for the not-for-profit sector, including consultancy and outsourcing of your NFP’s financial department.

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