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NFPs need to be enterprising

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Not-for-profit organisations need to be enterprising. They are often uniquely positioned in a world driven by profit margins and bottom lines.

Can NFPs be financially enterprising? At Accounting for Good, we believe they can. While their primary goal is to serve a mission rather than generate revenue, adopting enterprising and sustainable practices will benefit their financial positions and enhance their impact.

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Financial sustainability matters for NFPs

One of the primary reasons not-for-profits need to be creative and enterprising is to ensure financial sustainability. Just like businesses, not-for-profits require stable funding to operate effectively. By adopting a select group of sustainable methods, NFPs can focus on diversifying their revenue streams enabling them to allocate funds where they will have the most impact and maximise the efficiency of their operations. This includes strategic budgeting, investing in purpose driven activities, and developing sustainable fundraising strategies.

While commercial organisations measure success through sales, profits, and market share, similarly, not-for-profits need to adopt a formulated approach to measuring their impact. By quantifying their outcomes and demonstrating tangible results, they can attract funders, gain credibility, and make a compelling case for support. This involves setting clear objectives, collecting relevant data, and analysing the effectiveness of their programs and initiatives. Combining this with quality financial data helps not-for-profits provide nuanced and well-rounded messaging of their mission.

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Innovate and adapt

Fostering a culture of innovation and adaptability helps NFPs to stay relevant. By embracing an enterprising and sustainable mindset, not-for-profits become more agile and responsive to changing circumstances. This includes investing in internal capabilities and capacity, reviewing expenditures, outsourcing accounting, HR or marketing services, and investing in software to assist in rostering and pivoting service offerings. Part of innovating and adapting can be forming strategic partnerships to enhance their reputation in the sector and achieve mutual goals. Not-for-profits can benefit from strategic collaborations with other organisations, including businesses, government agencies, and other not-for-profits.

By leveraging complementary strengths and resources, not-for-profits can amplify their impact, reach new audiences, redirect costs and access additional funding opportunities.

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Professionalism, governance and customer-centric approach

Professionalism and governance are principles that build trust with stakeholders and ensure responsible stewardship of resources. This includes establishing robust governance structures, implementing financial controls, and adhering to ethical standards. Not-for-profits enhance their reputation and credibility within the community by demonstrating integrity and accountability.


Just as commercial organisations prioritise customer satisfaction, not-for-profits focus on meeting the needs of their beneficiaries. By adopting a customer-centric approach, they can better understand the challenges and preferences of those they serve and tailor their programs and services accordingly. This involves soliciting feedback, conducting needs assessments, and continuously improving the quality and relevance of their offerings.

Accounting For Good has a range of services and a skilled team to help NFPs model an enterprising approach. Our services and experience complement our accounting specialisation for the sector, including consultancy and outsourcing of your NFP’s financial department.

Our team offers training and support options, and our highly regarded accounting practice is tailored to the NFP sector.

If your not-for-profit needs comprehensive, compassionate, and professional accounting and consultancy services, contact Accounting For Good today.

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