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When the global pandemic hit Australia in early 2020, no one could have predicted that by July 2021 we would still be in the depths of lockdown. But as we publish, capital cities and numerous regional locations are experiencing just that.

Working from home, remote learning and government enforced restrictions are still the norm for millions of Australians, and here in Sydney, case numbers continue to rise daily. While this might sound like a hopeless situation… it’s at a time like this that maintaining hope is crucial. It’s important that we are able to envisage a positive future and keep ourselves motivated, despite the disruption to our lives.

There’s no doubt that not for profits (NFPs) continue to play a critical role in encouraging hope in individuals and the community as we work towards a post COVID life.

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Not for profit challenges

Over the last eighteen months, the non-profit sector has experienced incredible challenges. Almost every industry has felt the impact of coronavirus related restrictions, but for NFPs not only have many had to change the way they deliver services, but they’ve also experienced significantly higher demands because people are feeling more pressure.

NFPs that typically provided face to face services needed to find new solutions for their clients. Many organisations are still postponing or cancelling  fundraising activities and some face financial difficulties. While it’s been a tough time, many not for profits have pivoted their operations, overcome obstacles and continue to successfully support and sustain their communities.

Importance of community

During these uncertain times, community has become even more important and we’ve witnessed this around the globe. Remember the videos of people playing music from their balconies in European cities when they were in the height of lockdown? Or socially distanced teddy bear hunts through suburban streets to keep children entertained (or distracted) during the pandemic.

Closer to home people built street pantries to help vulnerable members of the community and pay it forward initiatives have never been more popular. This is a true indication of how society pulls together and creates a collective sense of hope.

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Promoting positivity

In the wake of the pandemic, optimism can be hard to come by… but promoting positivity can make a difference – not only for yourself, but for those around you. As human beings, it is part of our nature to be drawn to hope… when you share your hope it can inspire and help lift others out of the gloom. It can improve your wellbeing and give you a sense of purpose… which is part of what makes social enterprises critical elements of society. If you have the ability to help, then now is truly the time to become involved in a not for profit.

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Looking to the future

As restrictions ease, we know that there will still be anxiety within our communities. Financial strain won’t immediately ease and the mental health impact means many people will require ongoing support.

Again, this is where NFPs will come to the forefront and continue to help those in need.

We have hope that as a society we can all help each other and find the path to an even better world than the one we had before COVID.

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