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Day to Day Processes

When you partner with us, we know your day to day processes become much easier to manage.

Whether it’s invoicing, account reconciliation or transaction information, our systems are quick to navigate, and our team will support you through every task. Your dedicated account manager is readily available to answer any questions, and our proven processes will increase the quality of your accounting and bookkeeping… and subsequently, your financial reporting.

Here is a guide to some of the most common processes.


  • Pay supplier bills

    When you receive a supplier bill for payment, you can choose to email the invoice to ReceiptBank or upload it directly through the app. Once uploaded, you check to confirm the cost centre coding is correct and you publish.

    Accounting For Good reviews and processes the payment as directed with signatories authorisation.

    Your supplier is paid via EFT and a payment remittance is emailed to them to complete the transaction.

  • Reconcile credit cards

    In order to maintain accurate accounts, every credit card transaction should be captured at the time of purchase.

    With ReceiptBank, this involves taking a photo of the receipt for a direct upload to the system.

    A manual check that the account and cost centre code are correctly assigned is also required.

    The ReceiptBank checklist guides you through the steps to make sure you capture as paid and publish before the end of the month.

  • Reimburse expenses

    Similarly to credit card receipts, expenses should also be captured at the time of purchase… and the process is equally straightforward.

    Use ReceiptBank to take a photo of your receipt every time you make a purchase. In addition to checking that the account and cost centre code are correctly assigned, you also add to the expense report. The checklist will prompt you to make sure it is marked as paid.

    It is important that all expenses are included on the expense report before the last day of the month.

  • Invoice customers

    When it comes time to invoice your customers, the team at Accounting For Good manages the process for you.

    You email your request through to AFG with the income account and cost centre information.

    You also include the details of your customer – name, contact, address and the recipient’s email address.

    We will raise the invoice in Xero and email to your customer as instructed.

  • Transaction information

    All information in Xero is maintained in real time.

    If you have read-access to your Xero account you will be able to view reports at any time through your personal login.

    If you do not have access, contact your account manager and we can supply you the information you require.

    We can download an up to date transaction report at any time. Our team is here to help and support you with your financial information when you need it.

    Got a question?  Our team-based approach ensures that the right mix of expertise is available to you anytime you need it. Contact us for more information.

Find out how our friendly finance and accounting experts in the not for profit sector can help manage your finances today.

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