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Accounting for Good's new Co-CEOs

As we say farewell to our long-standing CEO, Kirsten Forrester, we welcome in our newly appointed executive team of Carol Tran and Paula Chegwidden who will share the roles and responsibilities as Co-CEOs for Accounting for Good.

“First and foremost, we want to make sure that the service model AFG and most recently Kirsten has spent over 20 years developing, testing and improving continues. It’s something that has served our clients and team members well. We will continue AFG’s innovative use of technology to make clients’ lives easier, so they can focus on their core mission of making the world a better place. We look forward to serving more NFPs in the future, bringing our expertise to organisations that need accurate, timely and professional accounting support. We know these organisations are out there and we look forward to meeting them.”

Working at AFG allows our team to contribute significantly to the achievements of our clients. AFG supports CEOs and management teams by providing comprehensive financial services, thereby playing a vital role in advancing their goals. Within AFG, a collaborative and supportive team environment prevails, fostering camaraderie and celebrating collective accomplishments.

We get to know our clients as more than just the organisation, we get to know them as people – and share stories about babies, cats, dogs and even unconventional stories like car accidents involving pigs, helping to create a unique bond.

In the current landscape, not for profit organisations (NFPs) encounter numerous challenges. AFG recognises the necessity for organisations to exhibit professionalism, agility and creativity in both service delivery and income generation.

As a crucial player, AFG contributes by assisting organisations in showcasing their impact through clear financial data. AFG’s role extends to helping organisations comprehend their financial standing and facilitating decisions related to income generation, cost management and investment.

With shifts in funding models, such as the transition from block funding to individualised funding in disability and aged care, organisations must exhibit flexibility and adaptability. AFG is committed to supporting organisations through these substantial changes, recognising the need for assistance navigating such transformations.

It is noteworthy to observe the emergence of Aboriginal-controlled organisations that deliver services to Aboriginal communities with a culturally sensitive approach. This positive development aligns with AFG’s commitment to supporting organisations that contribute to meaningful impacts within their communities.

The anticipation is high for showcasing an effective Co-CEO relationship, not only for the benefit of the AFG team but also for the clients.

Acknowledging its rarity and perhaps unorthodox nature, Carol and Paula co-leader bring diverse and complementary skills, emphasising the synergy that results from their collaboration.

“We feel that a Co-CEO arrangement will work for AFG as it enables us to grow while also staying close to our clients – something that we are keen to maintain. AFG has always been relatively flat in structure.”

Carol and Paula consider themselves to be custodians of AFG. Their collective efforts aim to ensure the organisation remains robust, sustainable and of service to the not-for-profit NFP sector for as long as it requires their support.

Although AFG is not a not-for-profit organisation an NFP, the team consciously embodies the ethos of such entities. This approach reflects AFG’s commitment to maintaining its socially responsible stance.

A thank you to Kirsten Forrester for her leadership

Kirsten has left a big legacy and built AFG into a great organisation. It is a gift to be able to take on this legacy and continue to build and develop it into the future.

“Kirsten has shown us that you can be a strong leader who has compassion for the people you work with. She comes to work every day, leads by example and holds herself to the same high expectations she has of the entire AFG team. It is inspiring to see Kirsten do this,” says Carol.

“Kirsten has shown clear and committed leadership. She treats the team and the clients with respect and compassion. She has clear expectations of the team. She is willing to try new ways of doing things, but also willing to acknowledge and move on when these things don’t work out,” adds Paula.

“She is open to new ideas but knows the organisation and the sector well enough to know what will work and what won’t. I have valued her leadership and mentoring and look forward to continuing the work and supporting our clients and team in being the best they can,” Paula says.

If your not-for-profit needs comprehensive, compassionate and professional accounting services, contact Accounting for Good today.

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